Portable Mini Fridge

Portable Mini Fridge has become an essential appliance for many people. If you are looking for a convenient portable solution for keeping your food and beverages cold, a portable mini fridge is just what you need. The reason they are portable is that they will work in the car as well as indoors. We are the place to shop for the style perfect appliance at the right price. If you indoor space is at a premium, but you don’t wanta mini fridge we also have a great selection of conveniently sized conventional fridges as well.


Thankfully we no longer have to rely solely on coolers that require ice in them to keep food or drinks cold. The days are long gone when you had to remember stop and buy ice to put into your picnic cooler, before you left home. One can now use a portable mini fridge. They are more convenient than a conventional picinic cooler,  you don’t have to worry about melting ice and best of all you can buy one that will work in the car. The other handy thing about these is that 12 Volt car fridges can also double as warmers because they use thermoelectric technology. 

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Thousands of people are discovering the benefits of using these great little appliances. They are convenient , efficient and extremely versatile. Some have the capability of being both coolers and warmers. Because they can be used in a car, RV or boat (as well as in a home or office) one needs to remember that a portable mini fridge will  run your car battery down if left plugged in while the car is switched off. Depending on the unit in question and the strength of the battery this can occur over a period of just a few hours, so it is important to take the precaution of keeping your car battery charged. It is a good idea to buy a 12 volt battery saver or even a battery charger maintainer. A battery saver is designed to monitor your car or truck battery so that it can shut off any appliances, such as a car fridge before the battery runs too low. For battery savers click here to learn more.

Koolatron Traveller III 9 Quart 12V Cooler - Warmer


This is the Traveller III 9 Quart  Cooler- warmer by Koolatron. A great compact unit which is designed for small amounts of food and drink. It will keep them cold or warm depending on your needs. This unit is designed with the individual traveller in mind. The Traveler III comes with a 12 Volt plug which is designed to plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. The fridge warmer is designed to chill drinks and snacks to 40 degrees F. below the ambient temperature as well as being able to warm up to 135 degrees F. You can also get an AC adapter so that the unit can be plugged into a 110 Volt residential outlet for indoor or patio use. View or BUY NOW

Portable fridges come in a variety of different sizes, so it is easy to find the size that will best suit your needs. Some are particularly small and light, with enough space for only  6  12 oz.cans or pop, other are  larger and can hold more, but do of course weigh more as well.

When purchasing one of these refrigerators you might find it useful to consider thefollowing four questions, they will help you to narrow your search


  • How often you will use it?
  •  What capacity do you need?
  •  Where will you use it the most?
  •  How much do you want to spend?

It doesn’t take much imagination to realise how useful having a portable cooler can be. If you are on the go a lot you can put one in your car plugged into the 12 volt DC plug in or cigarette lighter. This is the perfect solution not only for long distance truckers, but also for people who spend a lot of time driving and don’t want to have to stop at restaurants and fast food places all the time to eat or to get a drink. If you enjoy days out in the car having a picnic, barbecue or family get together, what could be more useful? Many fridges are designed more for use in a vehicle than indoors although they can be used in either place. The ones that are designed primarily for use in vehicles are ones which can fit easily on a back seat or they can double as a console style compartment. Other larger ones can easily be kept in the trunk.


The range and variety of portable fridges is considerable. Koolatron, makes many different models of mini fridge using the Coca Cola logo. This particular model is the Koolatron KWC-4, it can hold up to 6 12oz. cans. It is a compact unit measuring  11 x 8 x 11 inches. With the Koolatron multi purpose AC/DC adapter it becomes a very versatile fridge. This is also a great cooler for the office or dorm. BUY Now or See More Models


 Consider a portable mini fridge if you need a fridge at work. If you are tired of going out to restaurants for lunch or having to buy drinks from a dispensing machine then this is the perfect solution for you. You can keep your sandwiches and salads cold or your lunch warm. Over time you will probably find that you have saved more from eating out than the original cost of the unit. There is also no need to leave it at work if you don’t want to. As they are portable they can be easily unplugged, to take home to be used elsewhere.

A portable fridge is also a good choice for a dorm fridge. if you are a student, in all likelihood you are cramped for space, but at the same time you could use the convenience of having a mini fridge close at hand.

Many people find that beyond their obvious uses these appliances can be an indispensable household item. They can be used in the home to keep items cold in a bedroom or office. They are especially useful for providing cold drinks to invalids or sick children, particularly if one  has to navigate stairs to get to the kitchen.

There is also a 12V insulin cooler which is of particular use to diabetics for keeping their insulin cool when they have to travel. This is particularly useful as it can be plugged into the car or RV and can then be taken indoors and plugged into an electrical outlet, whether in a hotel room or at home.

 All in all a Portable mini fridge has the versatility and usefulness to be used at home, at work, in the car, boat or RV, in fact anywhere where there is a 12 volt or 110 volt  electrical outlet.