Why convert a mini fridge into a kegerator? Well, having a mini fridge to take with you on camping trips or to tailgate parties is extremely convenient. As a beer snob myslef, I like to bring bottles of my homebrew to parties to share with friends and let them sample my brews. I love getting feedback about my beers, but I either have to bring a lot of bottles, which are heavy and can be easiy broken, or I have to bring my 5 gallon keg which will not fit into a portable mini fridge or chill easily. So, what are my alternatives?

The best solution is to convert a mini fridge into a mini kegerator. It is actually surprisingly easy. All you eed is a small CO2 cylinder, the right hoses and a kegerator conversion kit. Buy a portable mini fridge that has a capacity of 45qt and a 3 gallon Cornelius keg, which should fit inside nicely along with a small CO2 cylinder.

Once you have bought everything, you just need to install the tap as per the instructions that come with it. A tower style tap is necessary if you want to install it in the lid. A normal tap is fine for side installation, but many mini fridges have tubing and insulation in the sides that you do not want to pierce or damage. I suggest using low profile beer tap handles to keep them from getting in the way and making it harder to pack the mini fridge into your car. Remember that this is supposed to be transportable and easily packed up.

Of course you can just use the picnic tap that comes with most kegging systems, but that means you need to open the fridge every time you want to draw a beer off the keg and this makes the whole unit less efficient. Plus, picnic taps don’t look nearly as nice as chrome taps and beer taps with great designs. 

Convert mini fridge to kegerator

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