Replace That Ice Chest

Manufactured in North America. This is the Koolatron P65 12 Volt Portable Cooler – Warmer one of several Koolatron thermoelectric cooler warmers. Koolatron is a company that has been around for more than 30 years. This model features a generous 33 quart capacity, have a look at the photo with the doors open to get an idea of how much this Koolatron will hold including a 2 litre bottle of pop.

Split Door Design

A fantastic split door design allows you get to the items you want without opening up the whole cooler.

Another Great Feature – Flip the Plug!

Do you need a vertical or a horizontal cooler/warmer? Can’t decide? This appliance does both, so it can be conveniently used in the car, boat, RV, dorm or office.A great feature for camping, tailgate parties and more. This Koolatron will  cool food to 40 degrees below the air around it. So if you are using it in 80 degree F. temperatures your food will stay at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a flip of a plug you can turn your cooler into a warmer. With an AC adaptor ( sold separately ) you can use it indoors at the cabin or at home if you need extra space. This unit will warm food up to 130 degrees F. perfect for picnic meals, potluck dinner and is great for warming baby food and bottles when you are on the road.


Only One Moving Part

The fan motor is the only moving part. The thermoelectric module is solid state so it is not affected by moving, tilting, vibrations etc. The 12 Volt thermoelectric cooling module is less than 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches, but it can deliver the equivalent cooling power of an ice block weighing 10 pounds.

Save Power,  Save Money and Use it Unplugged

You are off on your long awaited road trip and this time you have your stocked Koolatron P65 with you in your vehicle. It’s plugged in and it is using less power than a tail light. The family is getting hungry so you pull over at a nice picnic area and choose a table quite a distance from the car. No problem, the Koolatron can be unplugged and used at the table, it will hold it’s cooling capacity for a few hours. In the back of your mind you can add up how much lunch would have cost you if you had decided to go to a restaurant, instead you have saved money on food which you can enjoy in the great outdoors.

If you need to keep food warm and drinks cold, consider getting two Koolatrons. They are the perfect solution for family road trips and vacations.

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