Take Cool on the Road

A 12V Cooler or Car Fridge is just the thing if you spend a lot time in your car or if you enjoy long or short road trips. The convenience of having a reliable electric portable mini fridge or 12V refrigerator cannot be underestimated. The beauty of this type of fridge is that it can be plugged into either your car’s cigarette lighter socket or your vehicle’s electrical accessory socket, something which most newer cars now have.

Having a 12V Cooler or Car Fridge also means that you can pack it the night before you go on a trip. 12V refrigerators are versatile in that they can be plugged into the mains electricity of your house ( just be certain to read the instructions that come with your fridge). Being able to pack the night before can save you some precious time the next day, and you don’t have to worry about stopping to buy ice or fiddling around with frozen gel cubes.

Koolatron P65 Cargo Portable Cooler

 Koolatron P65 Kargo 12v Portable Cooler

One of our favourites, especially if you need a cooler that will stand vertically or horizontally and has a split level. It  keeps food cold while driving and as it’s a Koolatron plus gets great reviews. Find out more,,,

Koolatron P-20 Thermo electric cooler/warmer

Koolatron P-20 18 Quart Cooler/Warmer

A definite favourite if you need a compact appliance designed for SUVs, mini vans & cars. Thermoelectric cooler/warmer. Ideal if you spend a lot of time on the road.

Knox 48 Quart cooler/warmer

Knox 48 Quart Electric Cooler/Warmer

This 48 quart cooler/warmer has locking carry handles, wheels and wheels. Easily fits a 2 litre bottle of pop with lots of extra room

Koolatron Lunch Box cooler/warmer

Koolatron  LBS 12 Volt Lunch Box Cooler and Stove

This is a must have for truck drivers and others on the go. This fantastic Lunch box heats to 300 F. Highly recommended.

Domestic Cooler Freezer.

Dometic Portable  Freezer – Refrigerator

Dometic’s 23 liter capacity Fridge or Freezer. This model has a quiet compressor so it works in a similar way to your household fridge. Definitely portable “Cold”.  12 Volt and 110 AC. 


Often when one has purchased food items that need to be refrigerated it is necessary to rush home to put everything in the fridge. With a 12V refrigerator you no longer have to worry about your eggs, milk and other dairy products spoiling if you have to stop off somewhere on the way home.

A 12V cooler or car fridge gives you the convenience of being able to do other things in town, meet friends, go out for lunch, go to the doctor  etc. without that constant worry that your perishables are spoiling in the heat, or worse still are growing harmful bacteria. some of the more expensive models are also available with a small freezer compartment for your ice cream.>

The other really handy thing about 12V refrigerators is that many can also double as warmers. This is the perfect solution for bringing warm take out food home or for taking warm food to a picnic or even to work. How many times have you been invited to someone’s house, and you have decided to take a contribution of food for dinner or dessert? The 12V cooler/warmer allows you to keep whatever you are taking at the correct temperature whether hot or cold. This is especially handy if you have to drive a fair distance.

12V refrigerators are available in many different sizes. They range from small ones with enough space for six 12 ounce cans of pop to much larger ones such as the Engel MT804-U1 model which is 31.1 X 21.7 X 19.3 inches. Most 12V fridges are quite light, but the larger ones can weigh as much as 80 pounds.

As previously stated most 12 Volt refrigerators can also be used indoors when plugged into the AC wall outlet. This gives you great versatility as the fridger can then be used at home, in the car, in a hotel room, in some boats or at work. In terms of cost and depending on size a 12 Volt fridge can range from much less than $100.00 to more than $1000.00.