A Dorm Fridge is possibly one of the handiest appliances that  a student who lives in a college or university dorm or who shares a house with others can possess.

Space is usually at a premium in any dorm or bedroom, but luckily there are a number of different fridges available which are ideal for a dorm situation.

Years ago having the luxury of a fridge in a dorm was unheard of. If one got hungry or thirsty it was long trek to the canteen or to the vending machine and expensive as well.  For anyone sharing a house with other students there is often the hassle of  sharing a fridge.  Many of us are familiar with the arguments over “whose milk  is that” or “who ate my food”  or even “who drank my beer”? In  these sorts of situations a portable mini fridge or a compact fridge can be indispensable.


Coca cola portable mini fridgeKoolatron KWC 25 Coca Cola Mini Fridge 28 canPortable Mini Fridge Coca Cola Can




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If you or your son or daughter is considering the purchase of a dorm fridge there a few of obvious things to think about.

Probably the most important initial question is how much space is available in the dorm or bedroom and where is it?

Secondly  one needs to decide on how much room is needed to store food and beverages.

Thirdly and possibly most importantly,  how much can you afford to spend?

The answers to those questions will help you to decide whether or not you need an easily portable mini fridge or a compact  mini dorm fridge.

You might wonder why you would consider a portable mini fridge for a dorm fridge. You can find portable mini fridges in a variety of sizes and the purchase of one is worth considering for the following reasons.  If space really is at a premium a very small portable dorm fridge with enough space for a few 12 ounce beverage cans and a couple of sandwiches may be all that can be contemplated. If there is no floor space, but  there is room on top of a dresser or desk then a portable mini fridge could be ideal. The dimensions of a small portable mini fridge such as the Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6 can Mini Fridge are 11 x 8 x 11 inches.

 As they  are portable they  can easily be taken elsewhere and used in a car. In addition  they are useful as they can be easily moved when one has to vacate the dorm at the end of  term.  By its very nature a portable mini fridge is light weight. Empty they weigh anywhere from 4 or 5 pounds and up.

The are a couple of things to keep in mind with a portable mini fridge, one is that sometimes they can be a little noisy. If you share your dorm with someone else you might want to take that into consideration before you buy your dorm fridge. The other is that the small portable mini fridges probably should not be kept running all the time. They are however ideal for use 8 to 10 hours a day.

If you have a bit more space available a compact dorm fridge is probably your best consideration. in terms of size,  the smaller compact fridges are around 1.7 cu feet.  At the top end the larger ones are  6 cu. feet. Depending on the make  the small 1.7 cu ft mini fridge weighs between 33 and 42 pounds. One of the benefits of a slightly larger mini fridge for your dorm, say the EdgeStar 3.2 cu ft. mini fridge which we recommend  is that it also has a proper freezer compartment, capable of  maintaining temperatures close to 0 degrees F. Its dimensions are 19” x  19 3/4” x 33 1/2” so you can see that you can fit it into a very small space. It weighs approximately 57 pounds.

EdgeStar 3.2 Cu. Ft. Energy Star Rated Fridge / Freezer - Stainless Steel



The EdgeStar 3.2 Cu.Ft. fridge ( model CRF320SS ) as described above. This is a fantastic dorm fridge as it delivers many of the features one would expect from a much larger appliance. One of the real benefits is a separate freezer compartment. A great place to store ice cream and other frozen items either in the dorm or at the office. This model is also Energy Star rated so you know that you are getting an efficient unit. The doors are reversible and are made of stainless steel. Learn More or BUY Now






To sum everything up then, if you are looking for a dorm fridge you have a considerable choice. Depending on your requirements your budget and the space you have available you can purchase either a portable mini fridge or a compact mini fridge. If you decide on a portable mini fridge you will have something that you can carry with you and plug into either a car or a mains outlet if you need to.




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