Ease your Worry & Stress

A portable insulin cooler or insulin mini fridge is an essential appliance for anyone suffering from diabetes. If you are a diabetic or if you have a friend or family member who is, you will know that going on a trip and storing insulin, especially unopened insulin, at the correct temperature can be a real problem.

Worrying about keeping insulin and other injectable medicines cool can cause extreme amounts of stress, especially when travelling. Stress is the last thing a diabetic needs and In many cases this concern has limited the ability of a diabetic ( or anyone requiring medicine the needs to be kept cool ) to really enjoy themselves and to be able to enjoy road trips and traveling.

Often a trip necessitated ensuring that any hotel or motel room included a kitchenette with a fridge or at the very least a mini bar in order to store the insulin.


Over the last several years a number of storage and cooler carrying cases have come on the market which use frozen packs to keep the insulin cool. Unfortunately that has still meant that one has to rely on being tied to a refrigerator in some way.

A portable insulin cooler or fridge gives the diabetic  considerable peace of mind. The portable insulin cooler is in many ways similar to a portable mini fridge. The difference being that an Insulin Fridge fridge which is really a micro refrigerator often with a digital Temperature display such as the recommended ones below have been manufactured specifically for people suffering from diabetes and for those who require injectable medicines.



Dison Portable Insulin Cooler

DISON Portable Insulin Cooler BC-170A

The DISON is a portable Insulin cooler that can be used in the car and is AC 100-240 V compatible. It also has an interchangeable and rechargeable 3.7 V battery. The DISON refrigeration temperature is 36 – 47 degrees F. provided the ambient temperature is below 77 degrees F. It utilizes a thermoelectric module so it runs at approx. 30 degrees below the ambient temperature.

Zowaysoon Portable Insulin Mini Fridge

Zowaysoon USB Portable Insulin Mini Fridge

This model provides cooling between 35.6 and 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit provided the ambient temperature is below 77 F. It provides cooling at around 30 degrees F. below the ambient temperature. This little Insulin fridge has inside measurements of 170mm x 55mm in width and 23mm in height. It supports 12v DC as well as AC110V ~ 240V. It has a rechargeable 3.7 volt battery. The battery last approximately 8 hours when full charges and not plugged in.