Thermoelectric Fridge – The Versatile Cooler and Warmer


A thermoelectric fridge, is a fridge which utilises thermoelectric cooling. This is often referred to as the Peltier effect as it was discovered by Jean Charles Peltier a French physicist in the 1830's. Thermoelectric cooling is used extensively in portable mini fridges in part to avoid the use of a compressor and gas, and also because the technology allows for the cooler to also become a warmer.

In simplistic terms, the Peltier effect of a thermoelectric fridge works when two different types of metal are attached to each other. When an electrical current passes through them the heat from one of the metals is transferred to the other. In a thermoelectric fridge or cooler the cool part is inside while the warm or hot end is outside. The heat is then dispersed into the air usually with the aid of a small fan. When the electrical current is reversed the opposite happens and the thermoelectric cooler becomes a warmer. One of the great benefits of these coolers is that they do not require a chemical coolant thereby making them environmentally friendly. 

Wagan Seven Liter Personal Fridge And Warmer





This is the wagan 7 liter personal Cooler and warmer. It comes with two cup holders. This unit is designed to sit on your cars console or on the back seat. It also comes witha handy shoulder strap. It is designed to keep your food or drinks cold or it can double as a warmer. This unit is designed for use in the car, but can be used

inside with the optional adapter. Learn More or BUY Now





Rally Manufacturing 7509 Travel Cooler and Warmer





The Rally 7509 Travel Cooler and Warmer is great for your truck, car or RV. It can keep food and drinks cold or hot. It features a non slip tray so that your food and srinks don't slip all over the place. There is a handy built in compartment which can hold your sunglasses, drinks or even your change. This unit measures 19 x 10 x 11 inches and weighs 10.5 pounds. Learn More or BUY Now




Wagan 7 Liter 12V Cooler / Warmer





Wagan 7 Liter 12V Cooler/Warmer with AC adapter ( model 2336-50B ). This great travel appliance holds 7.4 quarts. It features easy to read lights which indicate if it is cooling or warming. It comes with a car adapter so that you can use it in your vehicle right away. It is easy to wash with soap and water. With an AC adapter it can be used inside at the office or at home. Learn More or BUY Now









Thermoelectric fridges are not used only as portable fridges. There are a number of small home appliances which use the thermoelectric technology. In the last few years  wine enthusuasts have started to use thermoelectric wine refrigerators. In part this is due to the environmental consideratons as chemical coolant is not needed for these units to operate. The other attraction has been their size. In addition many people prefer to use this type of wine cooler because they tend not to vibrate. This is a particularly useful feature, especially for people who collect expensive wine.

Thermoelectric technology is ideal for portable fridges because they can withstand movement and vibration and they only have one moving part which is the fan. generally they are lighter than conventional fridges because they do not have a heavy compressor. They are also more efficient and tend to use less electricity than conventional refrigerators.


Koolatron 1.7 Cu. Ft. Thermoelectric Refrigerator - White



The Koolatron 1.7 Cu.ft. Thermoelectric fridge ( model KCR-48B ), This model has a host of features including a high quality thermoelectric compressor. It is less noisy, more endergy efficient and better for the environment than traditional fridge compressors. This is an excellent addition to a small area such as a dorm, office or even a small kitchen or bar. It features a recessed handle, sleek design and a removable shelf.It also has a magnetically sealed door frame. For added conveneience the door is reversible. Learn More or BUY Now




EdgeStar 16 Bottle Compact Wine Cooler



The EdgeStar 16 Bottle Compact Wine Cooler ( model TWR160S ). This unit offers Thermoelcertic Peltier Cooling. You can keep up to 16 bottles of wine at their optimal temperature and humidity. The wine is highlighted by LED lighting. The door handle doubles as a towel rack and there is an adjustable thermostat. Temperature distribution is ensured by fan forced circulation. Because of the cooling system, vibration has been eliminated which protects the aging wine from sediment agitation. No freon and energy efficient. Learn More or BUY Now







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